Azadeh Tabatabaei

Research Interests: Computational Geometry

Alireza Zarei

Thesis Title: Efficient computation of visibility graphs in different environments and its simplification
Research Interests: Computational Geometry, Computational Complexity, Approximation Algorithms, Randomized Algorithms, Graph Theory

Farshad Rostamabadi

Thesis Title: Dynamic Map Labeling in 4PM Model
Research Interests: Computational geometry, Digital map problems and Geometric algorithms

Ramtin Khosravi

Thesis Title: Motion Planning with Visibility Constraints
Research Interests: Formal Methods in Software Product-Line Engineering, Actor Model for Distributed Computing, Software Architecture

Ghasem Jaberipur

Thesis Title: Frameworks for the Exploration and Implementation of Generalized Carry-Free Redundant Number Systems
Research Interests: Computer Arithmetic and Compiler Construction

Mohammad Abouei Mehrizi

Thesis Title: Cooperative Multi-Robot for path planning
Research Interests: Computational Geometry, Robots with minimal sensing

Saeed Haratian

Thesis Title: Finding Kernel in Unknown Polygon by Robot With Minimal Sensing
Research Interests: Computational Geometry

Somaye Zarei Moradi

MohammadAmin Beiruti

Thesis Title: Guarding Polygons with Sliding k-modem cameras
Research Interests: Computational Geometry

Farzaneh Siampour

Thesis Title: A solution for Pursuit-Evasion Problem by Minimal Sensing Robots
Research Interests: Computational Geometry



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